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Where others see problems, we see possibilities.

We see every idea as an exciting opportunity for growth. We are an unordinary team of strategists, developers, designers, investors, innovators and engineers.

Who we are

Whether a product idea, a customer service process, or a digital tool and platform with thousands of users, the best customer experiences are those that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

That is what we set out to do, building our own brands and products because we love trying new things and then leaning in to what works, while at the same time making online and offline experiences for our clients easier, enabling them to grow their businesses.

We are a small team of young professionals who think unconventionally. With decades of combined experience in leadership, operations, customer success, engineering, design, web development, training, and investing, our team is an overnight success, nearly a decade in the making.

What makes us different.

We utilize our ability to develop and execute on innovative products, services, and solutions that create engaging conversations with consumers.

At KLG, we operate as an extension of client teams, working with them as digital partners to cultivate communities and shape behavior. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, we build, enhance and connect companies to their customers. Whether it’s organic channel management or paid performance marketing, we do things a little unconventionally through understanding, data and cultural insight to build resonance with your audience.

We are committed to

Real Privacy

We are uncompromisingly committed to protecting people’s personal data, because privacy is fundamental.

Amazing Tech

We’re dedicated to providing the quality products and delivering best-in-class services.


We’ll never tell you what to do, but rather provide the easiest and safest options and alternatives.

Great partnerships start with questions.

New software? Problems with Google My Business? Need a new website? Looking to digitize your analog processes? Let us help.