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About KLG

Where others see problems, we see

We get “it” done by implementing cutting edge systems, platforms, strategies, and processes to do better, smarter work, in the most efficient way, everyday.

We work with individuals and companies.

We work with clients, consulting them in operations & all things digital – whether a product idea, a customer service process, or a digital tool and platform with thousands of users, because the best customer experiences are those that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

We build awesome businesses that respect your privacy.

We’re passionate about exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of creativity. That’s why we build our own brands, allowing us to embark on exciting ventures and wholeheartedly embrace what resonates with our audience. We thrive on the thrill of innovation, and when we discover what truly works, we dive in headfirst, leveraging our experience and enthusiasm to make each venture a resounding success. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to progress, and we invite you to join us on this exciting path of discovery and growth.

Founded by entrepreneurs to support growing ideas.

We are a small team of young professionals who think unconventionally. With decades of combined experience in leadership, operations, customer success, engineering, design, web development, training, and investing.

Helping businesses flourish in their pursuit of success.

Our commitment extends beyond the financial aspect, as we emphasize the importance of making strategic and sustainable decisions. Through collaboration and expertise, we empower businesses to flourish in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape.

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Our team is an overnight success, nearly a decade in the making.

We can’t help ourselves. It’s in our minds. It’s in our veins. It’s in our DNA. We reimagine. Where others only tell your story, we help your consumers live it. We help our clients thrive in this ever-on world by building strong relationships between brands and their customers with the agility that makes a critical difference. We help businesses reimagine and rapidly realize value through the way they deliver customer experience.

People & Privacy First.

How we work with clients.

We utilize our ability to develop and execute on innovative products, services, and solutions that create engaging conversations with consumers.

At KLG, we operate as an extension of client teams, working with them as digital partners to cultivate communities and shape behavior. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, we build, enhance and connect companies to their customers. Whether it’s organic channel management or paid performance marketing, we do things a little unconventionally through understanding, data and cultural insight to build resonance with your audience.

Our team works wonders.

Our core values live at all levels. They are the set of behaviors that give us the ability to do the impossible.

We are a bunch of curious, creative, smart, innovative and passionate people looking to reimagine the endless possibilities of when technology and storytelling meet.

Our collaborative culture celebrates breakthrough ideas and the diverse people who dream and create them, making them real through the connection of perspectives and disciplines.

With decades of combined leadership, operations, customer success, engineering, design, web development, and training, we focus on pixel perfection.

It cannot be done until it is done.

We are certain that something looks to be impossible because it has not been thoroughly tested.

We strive to push the boundaries of technology even farther in order to produce innovative solutions.

We don’t look inside or outside the box.

We evaluate the box from every possible aspect.

We explore and are not afraid to experiment, whether for our clients or our products.

Generating regular iterations of several products at the same time allows us to be on the move and never settle.

We are always looking for new ways to learn and improve our knowledge, products, and services.

We are building future technology based on security, privacy, and user-centered design. That may mean that we don’t always agree. Hard conversations are productive.

We are committed to creating technology that respects humans and our privacy.

We make it our business to figure out what is best for your organization and then we execute it.

Every choice we make is supported by concrete facts, visible to all.