A Little About Us

We are a bunch of restless, curious, creative, smart, innovative and passionate people looking to reimagine the endless possibilities of when technology and story telling meet.

Our collaborative culture celebrates breathrough ideas and the diverse people who dream and create them, making them real through the connection of perspectives and disciplines.

The world is defined by a rapid fire mentality that often creates seismic shift in the way people live and the tools they use and have at their disposal. We believe that a culture that celebrates transformation and the power of human potential to shape it is the optimal breeding ground for positive progress.

When you empower and connect the right mix of minds and passions and give them a place to change the world, they do.

Meet the Leadership Team

Core Values

Our core values live at all levels. They are the set of behaviors that give us the ability to do the impossible.

Growth of People
Client and Customer Centricity

Making A Difference

We at the KLG are committed not only to our clients and our people, but we take our role as a global citizen to heart.

We look for opportunities to break boundaries and enable human potential both across the planet and in our local communitities where we live and work by advocating a spirit of volunteerism among our people and contributing our resources and expertise to valued partner organizations worldwide.