Consultancy meets digital agency.

We craft strategies. solutions. ideas. stories. emotions. results. brands. products. experiences. purpose. unconventionally.

We devise, design, and develop compelling brand experiences, products, in-house solutions & strategic investments.

Solutions meet results.

Digital Guidance

Our startup mindset allows us to develop, execute the experiences, products, platforms, and content that help brands build engaged conversations with their consumers. We help unlock value through digitalization and operational effectiveness. Our DNA fuses strategy, consulting, experience and engineering with creative problem-solving, looking at complex challenges from the ground up.

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Ideas to results


More with less


Conversations & Consultancy

New Ventures

Strategic investments

We’re a small global team that works unconventionally because we are unconventional.

Think different, build differently.

We believe in an open and free internet, hence products and services built by the KLG reflect our ethos of simplicity, experience, and privacy by design.

And yes, we are the guys behind Insyt Anaytics.


Let's reimagine your pursuit of excellence.

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