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Privacy is a basic human right. At KLG, we personally believe that mankind is capable of accomplishing remarkable things, and that products and services should help society attain extraordinary. These products should not only empower individuals but also be respectful of their rights. Private by definition, secure by configuration, and free in the sense of liberty. Our products and solutions are safe, private, distributed, open-source, encrypted, and free.

Why privacy is so crucial.

Presently, the internet is controlled by technological companies that offer services and goods that are a means to an objective. Services that have become indispensable in our lives and thus are utilized to collect data from users in order to more effectively profile them, as they rely on advertising to survive. Privacy should not come at such a steep price. We advocate in creating an ethical internet that prioritizes user privacy.

Founder of KLG

How we protect individual privacy.

We take security and privacy extremely seriously, which is why we have a number of technologies and processes in place to always keep your data secure and confidential.


All the data you keep in your account is protected using AES-256. This indicates that it would take twice the age of the universe for the world's most powerful CPU to decrypt a little file.




Our pledge is to comply with all GDPR regulations, including, among other things, privacy by design, the right to information, and the right to be forgotten, as well as future provisions.



Everything you save or send is encrypted, making it difficult to decipher without the user's consent; we also don't have access to your files, images, or passwords.

Apps that protect your private information.

The cost of using free products from major tech corporations is your data. Our solutions will never monetize your information, and our free plans are fully free – on us.