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We build brands through our products utilizing platforms and tools for simplicity, experience, and privacy by design.

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We believe in an open and free internet, hence products and services built by the KLG reflect our ethos of simplicity, experience, and privacy by design.

And yes, we are not afraid of failure. In the corporate world, everyone talks about the greatest tool, feature, idea, or transformation, however, like with all things in life some products or services will fail. This should not shy your business away from trying. At KLG, we don’t fear failure, we encourage it. It is only through “doing” in which we learn. Whether it is an idea for an additional feature or a platform that may be useful. Some things work out and others don’t. That’s totally cool.


Insyt Analytics

Big tech companies promise all the insights and data one could possibly want, and they said we could have that for “free”, then just monetized the whole thing by abusing our personal data without really asking. So we built Insyt (pronounced “in-sight”), a data analytics platform, with a focus on privacy.


At Cryptocamp, it is our belief that the faster the world embraces digital asset technology, the more effective blockchain & money can be for all of humanity. All the world’s cryptocurrency news is in one place. Easily digestible.


Our mission is to make contactless menus & pricelists the de facto standard for the customer experience. We’re reinventing the traditional menu/pricelist making it safer, interactive, instantly changeable, and more cost-effective.


myKiids is a platform for families that provides insights and connections to the cities they live in, travel, or plan to move to. The ability to connect and be inspired to go beyond one’s cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people, and culture – extraordinary, remarkable, and meaningful.


Learning Lean Six Sigma for your work life can help impact your career future. The ability to add a Lean Six Sigma Certification to your resume proves that you are committed to improving your analytical skills, your business acumen, as well as comprehending how to improve processes within the work environment.


We have either shut down, sold off, or discontinued several products/platforms, however, will not be further listing them here for a variety of reasons.

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