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GMB Support Service

Get the Google My Business support you need from the GMB Experts.

GMB Support Service Overview

Have a pressing issue or problem with your GMB listing and need help getting it resolved? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Let the experts at KLG get you through the darkest parts of the digital jungle!

Our Google My Business Support Service is designed to help you when you have an issue that you can’t figure out or get an answer from Google. Our team works with Google My Business representatives every day and can help you successfully navigate the system to get the resolution you require.

The Google My Business Support Service has been used in the past to resolve issues such as:

  • Account or Listing Recovery
  • Account Suspension
  • Duplicate Listings
  • One Time Profile Updates
  • Malicious Profile Edits
  • Verification Delays

If you have any of these issues right now, and you want to quickly solve them, we can help.

Don’t have a listing?

Don’t have a listing and want to get started with Google My Business? Swing on over to our Google My Business Setup Service to get your listing live.

The Google My Business Support Service is an easy alternative to doing it yourself.

How does our GMB Support Service Work?


You Tell Us About Your Problem

After purchasing our support service, you’ll get connected with your own GMB account manager. Your account manager will be in contact with you to learn more about your current issue, collect information, and discuss next steps. In certain cases, like if you want us to edit your listing directly, we will require managerial access to your profile. Any access to listings that may be required will be discussed at this step.

We Investigate & Collect Information

With your side of the story in hand, our next step is to do some research and collect information about the issue in order to properly create a ticket with Google. It is important that problems are approached the right way in order to avoid delays in resolution and miscommunications that can happen all-too-often with Google My Business support. If your issue doesn’t require intervention from Google, we will work to create an action plan to resolve it during this step.

We Create A Ticket On Your Behalf

Armed with all the details, we will craft and enter a ticket with Google that properly describes what happened and why you should not have been affected. While we do not have any special insiders at Google, our experience creating these tickets created a very high positive resolution rate and earned us the King of the Jungle crown.

We Work On Your Behalf To Get A Positive Resolution

We’d love to tell you that all we do is submit one ticket and get the problem solved immediately, but they don’t all go that way. Sometimes, additional information might be required. In other cases, there is a gray area that’s open to interpretation and we may need to take the time to properly plead your case. In any case, we do the dirty work to make sure you get accurate information and a headache-free experience, so you have the highest chance of a positive outcome. If your resolution doesn’t require Google intervention, we will likely just solve your issue or advise you on why a positive resolution may not be possible.

Enjoyed Our Support Service?

If you are happy with the support and resolution of your incident, and are looking to take your listing to the next level, then you may want to try our optimization plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Google accidentally marked one of the listings as a duplicate, and within 2 days the KLG had it showing up again.

Cecila VazquezRestaurant Owner

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GMB Support Service

€89 One Time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just fill out a ticket with Google myself?

Yes, you 100% can do this yourself. Similar to our other services, you can always do them yourself. For some, the DIY mindset works well. We also know that many people prefer to spend their time and energy on other areas of their business, rather than battling Google My Business all day long as we do.

How much does it cost if I have more than one listing?

No. We do not have any special insider at Google or mythical partner access. We credit our success to years of experience with Google, GMB profiles, and the common problems that many users face when trying to manage and optimize their listings.

Do you offer and guarantees or refunds?

No. We are not Google, and ultimately we cannot guarantee that your issue will be positively resolved. We are being paid to do everything we can on your behalf and pull out all the stops to get a decision in your favor.

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