Strategy & Consulting

Fusing business strategy with experience and engineering to accelerate growth and effectiveness.

Let us help optimize your strategy

Digital technologies and the behaviors they impact on your consumers is every changing. This continuous change presents a multitude of challenges – from the loss of market share to maintaining relevance in various channels all the way to comprehending the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.
The traditional method of knowing customer needs, interpreting to strategy, executing through technology takes too long, is limited and risky. Your strategy needs to be clear from day one through an informative understanding of your businesses capability. In order to truly accelerate growth and effectiveness through digital business transformation, you need to fuse customer experience, strategy and consulting, technology engineering and execution.
By fusing these perspectives together, we can create a comprehensive strategic vision for your brand’s story. This will help you address the short- and long-term challenges of an always-on world.

When it comes to digital business transformation, our strategy and consulting teams work side by side with our clients to ensure we develop the right high impact strategy. On top of this, we seamlessly fuse experience and strategy with engineering to bring together all the essential capabilities required for true digital leadership.

Let us help you execute, hands-on, by planning, creating and accelerating your brand and business.

You may notice challenges in your organization’s approach to strategic thinking, methods or data.

Brand Strategy

Take an empathic approach to building customer relationships and crafting campaigns inspired by relevant data, motivations, behaviors, and values.

  • Company Identity
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Storytelling
  • Positioning

Business Strategy

Establish and optimize the right blend of activity and investment across multiple digital marketing channels.

  • Business Model
  • Industry & Segments
  • Operating Model
  • Partnerships

Channel Strategy

We can help you carry your vision or mission, optimizing and effectively weeding out the unneeded so you can focus on what really matters

  • Mix Modelling Strategy
  • Connection Planning
  • Go-To-Market Planning

Social Advertising

Take advantage of the multi-channel access, data and expertise we can provide for a variety of social platforms from Facebook to Etsy and beyond

  • Demographic and Behavioral
  • Custom Audience Creation
  • Lookalike Targeting / Retargeting
  • Multi-channel Testing and Scalability

Creative Strategy

Intrigue prospects and customers with the right balance of thematic, trending and revenue-generating content.

  • Service Mix
  • Core Customer Journey
  • Campaign Content
  • Content Creation

eCommerce Strategy

Elevate your online sales and in-store traffic with innovative practices combining user experience design, marketing technology and data visibility.

  • eCommerce Websites (front and back-end)
  • Shopping Cart Optimization
  • Marketing Technology Integrations
  • Search Visibility and Feed Strategies

Social Media Strategy

Elevate your online sales and in-store traffic with innovative practices combining user experience design, marketing technology and data visibility.

  • Social Media Planning
  • Competitive Social Media Audits
  • Community Management Strategy
  • Online Influencer Planning