In the digital world, every potential customer touchpoint is based on a link. Think about it for a second. You may enter a website manually in your browser bar (how often does that occur?) because you saw an ad somewhere, however, everything else from there on is pure link management. Regardless of platform, channel or even device, the simple link has always been a medium of moving people and customers from point A to point B.

Most businesses and people building brands do not realize how vital it is to have a link management platform. You can create, measure, and have one worldview in managing all those links in one place, which in the end will show you a full customer experience enabling you to optimize every single touch point.

If you look at the web, you will notice that the entire digital world, both personal and corporate alike is very fragmented. It is a very big challenge to connect with your audience consistently across social media, content marketing, advertising, recruiting, and so on and fully understand what is happening where and how. Link management platforms can change all of this. It’s simply a matter of understanding what link is happening where for whom.

Let’s talk business

On average, an enterprise will utilize 8 different channels to market and reach their specific audiences. Yes, a total of 8!

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Print
  • Email
  • Television
  • Direct Mail
  • Events
  • Display Ads

Not to speak of all the various other channels including but not limited to SEO, public relations, radio, paid search, content marketing, mobile advertising, etc.

And if you get into media, its far more than that. The problem with this is the widespread loss of customer data because organizations and businesses will utilize a variety of channels to communicate a certain message, often not knowing internally the results of that data. Many IT leaders openly say that integrating data sources across organizations is difficult. Google it, many digital marketers spend hours per week sifting through and analyzing data from a variety of sources.

The Customer Experience

What it all boils down to is customer experience, and if you are in the know of what performs well and are able to utilize that data to go from lead to conversion, then you’re already on the competitive edge. This is where link management platforms, such as Insyt come in. When you look across your business today, or even as an individual, the tech stack you utilize is widespread. You’ll use WordPress as a CMS, Google Analytics for analytics, for customer service, Salesforce as a CRM, etc. however knowing what happens in each of those stacks remains a question in and of itself. This is where link management plays a central role.

Through the optimization across social, email, websites, mobile, etc. your personal online experience or your business can create a zoomed in content flow utilizing an intuitive view to understand what customers click and when.


The links created by Insyt and link management platforms can intelligently route customers as needed. Whether its a specific landing page, or channel and at the same time provide data insight into the customer information to help make choices on factual data versus guessing what would work best and where.

3 Key Things

  1. Dashboard: One view of all your links, regardless of channel, allows enhanced performance and targeting in reaching out to customers. From pinpointing trending content to traffic, you are able to manage and view every touchpoint.
  2. The Route: A link is a gateway, like an intersection, that can take your customers anywhere. A smart link will help manage the experience customers go through, whether its pointing certain customers to an app while for others it routes them to your online store.
  3. Data: Insyt offers information on geolocation to demographics. Its more than just links. Its a matter of crunching and presenting the data correctly so that you can retarget customer campaigns and utilize all the data better, more efficient and optimized for smart future decisions.

With that, we invite you to register for Insyt absolutely free, whether your an individual or enterprise, Insyt will help you manage your marketing campaigns and operational process to better understand the customer experience, all within one tool, and again, at NO cost.

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